A supersonic passenger plane "Strizh" has been developed in Russia

Russian designers have developed a supersonic passenger aircraft.

Russian aircraft designers have managed to develop a unique domestic supersonic passenger aircraft "Strizh", which will significantly accelerate air travel from one point of the world to another. In fact, we are talking about a demonstrator. According to the data available to the news agency, a large-scale model of a supersonic aircraft will be shown at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2021, which will open in a few days.

Earlier it was reported that Russian designers are indeed working on the development of a civilian supersonic passenger airliner, but the creation of the aircraft itself, even on a small scale, indicates that by 2030 Russia will have its own civilian supersonic airliner.

At the moment, it is known that the aircraft received the name "Strizh" and the demonstrator has already passed a series of important tests, which indicates the fact that at such a rate, supersonic flights in Russia will become a reality in just a few years.

It is assumed that the characteristics of the Strizh supersonic aircraft will be announced at the air show.


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