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Russia has developed a device that makes Russian fighters invisible

The Russian military has created a device that makes fighters invisible.

The General Director of the Institute of Aviation Instrumentation "Navigator" announced that domestic developers have created a unique device that will not allow tracking Russian combat aircraft by means of the special Flightradar service.

“Our system, unlike foreign ones, has functions that are very useful for the military. The SPSV (Airborne Collision Avoidance System) has a radio silence mode. With a certain toggle switch or button, you can turn off the radiation of this system, and no one sees the aircraft. Including on "Flytradar" "- said Director General of the Institute of Aviation Instrumentation "Navigator" Sergei Baburov.

It should be noted that previously the Russian military did not express concern that Russian military aircraft could be tracked by the Flightradar system, however, experts do not exclude that in reality, such a system could pose a rather big threat.

“It is important to remember that open monitoring services can be used not only by ordinary citizens, but also by terrorists, for example, in order to try to shoot down a Russian plane, knowing the approximate area of ​​its further appearance or its current location. Probably, in the same Kabul a few days ago, unknown militants in this way attacked NATO planes, evacuating citizens and military personnel from Kabul ", - the expert marks.

"Viking - a plug in every barrel" made in Ukraine ???

Again, some sort of scientist "bezserebryanik" will sell technology to the West for dollars ... they can do that. In Russia, everything and everyone is sold. RUSSIA has already been sold with its resources, and the population is systematically destroyed so as not to interfere "underfoot"!

And for this Skolkovo was built?

The more they talk, the more the enemy knows. The sale of weapons, in fact, is the same exchange, but for money. The Germans learned about Katyusha only during combat use. But what am I talking about? It was in another life!

toggle switch made in chin?

Clarification: the transponder is NOT an auto-responder for the FL24. FL24 volunteers only have receivers.

This unique device is called "Tumbler". It cuts off the power from Flytradar's answering machine. "Back in Skolkovo, they invented a unique tea cup. You can hold it with your right or left hand. You just need to turn the cup 180 degrees.

bragging and bragging again - it would be better to make a device so that they do not fall

Yes - they (the Russians) designed a very big red button. After clicking, any aircraft will become invisible.

A fair and very accurate observation: especially recently, there have been elements of bragging on the part of our high-ranking officials. we must not boast, but silently and in the shortest possible time to introduce new technology, as the wise Chinese do.

Bullshit. The author is not.
The flight radar does NOT "track" the aircraft, but the transponder on board.
Apparently this Sergei Baburov from "Navigator" wants to cut the loot. As recently there were those who wanted to cut ... teleportation with Medvdev. :)

it will take years from development to implementation, what to do in advance to brag, first do it, test it, then shout it to the whole world

It's corny ...



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