REB Complexes


Russia has developed electronic warfare systems of "impossible" range

The Russian military managed to increase the range of destruction by means of electronic warfare by 350%.

Despite the fact that the means of electronic warfare have very significant range limitations, it became known that the Russian military completed an almost impossible task, increasing the range of destruction of targets by 350%. Such complexes are capable of effectively hitting enemy electronic systems not only on land and at sea, but also in space, and, apparently, Russia does not intend to stop at this, especially considering the fact that today the country is the world's leading country in the development of and the use of such complexes and systems.

Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Yuri Borisov highlighted the two newest Russian complexes of electronic suppression and electronic warfare - "Triada" and "Palantin", which are capable of completely suppressing enemy communications, hitting electronic weapons systems and even blocking the operation of spacecraft located at an altitude of several hundred kilometers from surface of the earth.

Among mobile electronic suppression systems, special attention has always been deserved by the EW systems of the "Krasukha" family, capable of suppressing the enemy's communications equipment and his weapons at distances of up to 300 kilometers, however, apparently, now the capabilities of Russian weapons are such that the Russian military can easily carry out suppression even behind enemy lines.


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