Almost half of the newest submarine of the Varshavyanka project was stolen in Russia

Half of the newest submarine of the Varshavyanka project was stolen in Russia.

The latest Russian submarine of the Varshavyanka project was stolen at the project stage. As it became known, the amount of damage amounted to almost 400 million rubles, with a total cost of work performed in 1 billion rubles.

“The court found that the theft of 368,2 million rubles. from the funds of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the contract for the design of a submarine of project 636.3 Varshavyanka for the Black Sea Fleet worth almost 1 billion rubles was executed by the Admiralty Shipyards JSC. The shipbuilding company allegedly transferred the indicated amount to the account of JSC NovIT PRO, which had to be spent on developing a computer model of the submarine and technical documentation, but this was not done. An especially large-scale criminal case of fraud (part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) was opened in December 2017. Over time, four people and unidentified persons became his defendants. In addition to Andrei Petrov, fraud during the construction of Varshavyanka, according to investigators, involved the late former shareholder of NovIT PRO JSC Valery Pshenichny, his son Denis Pshenichny and former deputy engineer of Admiralty Shipyards Gleb Emelchenkov, - about it сообщает edition "Kommersant".

How exactly the scammers managed to kidnap almost half of the Russian diesel-electric submarine is unknown, however, the case received a great response, and experts do not exclude the possibility that a much larger number of people can be involved in a high-profile case.

The Russian diesel-electric submarine Varshavyanka can carry Caliber cruise missiles on its board, while today the submarine is operated not only by Russian sailors, but also by the forces of navies of countries such as China, Vietnam and Algeria, which, obviously, indicates the prospects of this submarine.