Coronavirus in Russia


In Russia today, 8672 patients with coronavirus - a new 1175 cases per day

Coronavirus statistics for Russia published today.

The operational headquarters reported that over the past day in the territory of Russia the number of patients with coronavirus has increased very much. The total incidence rate in Russia is 8672 people, while only 1175 new cases of coronavirus infection have been registered per day, which indicates that this disease is not controlled today.

“Over the last day in Russia, 1175 new cases of coronavirus in 56 regions were confirmed, 5 deaths were recorded. For a day in Russia 86 people fully recovered. In total, today in Russia 8672 cases of coronavirus are registered in 81 regions. Over the entire period, 63 deaths were recorded, 580 people recovered ”- reports "Telegram" -channel of the operational headquarters.

The rapid and active increase in the incidence of coronavirus in Russia is evidence that to date, measures to isolate citizens do not bring an effective effect, although at the same time, mortality among the country's population can be significantly controlled.

Given the statistics for the last day, the increase in coronavirus infected in Russia amounted to 15,7%, while the percentage increase in mortality was 8,62%.