Uranium-9 complex


Russia will create a short-range robotic air defense system

The Russian military wants to create a short-range robotic air defense system.

In the coming years, on the basis of the Uran-9 attack robotic complex, it is planned to implement a unique short-range air defense system, which will be capable of striking drones, helicopters and even enemy aircraft. The robotic air defense system is said to be able to function without the direct presence of a person. At the same time, the target detection range of the air defense means will be up to 60 kilometers.

At the moment, the news agency Avia.pro knows that the robotic air defense system will be equipped with Igla-S or Verba anti-aircraft missiles as weapons. This allows us to assert that the maximum target destruction range will be up to 6 kilometers, which, nevertheless, is quite enough to repel unexpected enemy attacks.

“On the basis of Uran-9, the possibility of creating a robotic complex for short-range air defense is being considered. Anti-aircraft missiles "Igla-S" or "Verba" can be used as the main armament of the new complex. ", - reports the publication "TASS".

According to experts, the implementation of such a project can take up to two years. This kind of development can be very effective.

And how long will one ammunition load last? Need a cassette system for QUICK reloading. Like a Kalash :)
And this is some kind of cuttlefish. It is known "That which is beautiful flies."



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