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Photo: UAC


A unique drone has been created in Russia

The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) reported successful tests of a prototype of an innovative off-airfield-based unmanned transport system (BTS-VAB), developed by specialists from the Sukhoi Design Bureau. This advanced drone represents a breakthrough solution in the field of transport logistics, since its use does not require specialized sites and airfield infrastructure for takeoff and landing. This makes it an ideal vehicle for delivering goods to remote and hard-to-reach settlements.

The developers especially emphasized the unique design of the drone, which combines the characteristics of an airplane and a helicopter. This is achieved through a hybrid propulsion system consisting of an electric lift propulsion system for vertical takeoff and landing and a piston propulsion engine for horizontal flight. This technical solution allows the drone to be highly fuel efficient and do without the creation of expensive airfield infrastructure.

BTS-VAB is designed to fly at a distance of up to 500 km from the base and is capable of carrying cargo weighing up to 300 kg. The UAC press service emphasized that successful flight tests of the vertical takeoff and landing control system open the way for further implementation of the project, which involves the creation of a completely new transport and logistics service system.


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