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Russia has created a unique complex that simulates decoys - from missiles to dozens of fighters and bombers

The Russian military managed to develop a unique complex that simulates decoys.

The Russian military and scientists managed to develop a unique radar system, which can become a very big problem for Russian opponents. According to data available to the news agency Avia.pro, we are talking about a complex capable of simulating false targets: from missiles to raids of fighter and bomber aircraft.

The novelty was presented at the MAKS-2021 International Aviation and Space Salon.

“The proposed antenna design makes it possible to reduce the amount of microwave material required for the production of antenna array radiators by at least 29%. Along the way, the design of the supporting elements of the antenna array is simplified by reducing the mass of both the emitters themselves and the auxiliary parts "- said Professor of the Southern Federal University, Yuri Yukhanov, who was directly involved in the development.

The unique radar system can be used not only to cover aviation or missile strike, but also to study foreign air defense systems, since air raid imitation allows you to study the operation of air defense / missile defense systems in an active mode, which, in turn, will allow you to take possession of valuable information.

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Such a complex can be effective if its operating principle, technical data and characteristics are unknown to the enemy. Should not be delivered outside the country to anyone.