Russia has created a new interspecific homing missile

Russian specialists have developed a unique homing missile that has no analogues in the world.

The experience of conducting a special military operation in Ukraine allowed Russian specialists to develop a unique interspecific homing missile. A unique feature of the Kh-MD-E missile is that it can be effectively launched both from sea carriers and from attack unmanned aerial vehicles.

"When working on new products, the KTRV designers fully take into account the requirements of the time. Thus, for UAVs that have recently received a powerful development impetus, an interspecific multi-purpose homing missile Kh-MD-E has been created, which can be used from drones and surface ships", - reports the magazine "National Defense".

So far, little is known about the capabilities of the rocket, however, it exists in three different versions: X-MD-E1, X-MD-E2 and X-MD-E3, which differ in different types of homing heads.

Experts do not exclude that the latest Russian missile could have already been tested during a special military operation in Ukraine, however, no official statements have been made in this regard so far.


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