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Russia is creating a system of "air mining" to combat drones

It became known about a unique Russian development in relation to countering enemy drones. It was announced by Alexander Zakharov, chief constructor of the ZALA Aero group of companies.

In an interview with the TV channel "Russia 1" Alexander Zakharov told about the world's first system of the so-called. "Air mining". This system is used to combat UAVs. It allows you to hit drones with loitering ammunition.

In particular, it is said about the loitering ammunition (unmanned vehicles) "Lancet", capable, according to Zakharov, "mine" the airspace for tens of hours.

Lancet ammunition can defeat UAVs flying at speeds up to 300 km / h. This is due to the speed characteristics of the ammunition itself when diving.

At the moment, such a system of "air mining" is being tested. The targets on them are balloons moving at extremely low speeds.

Loitering ammunition can be lifted into the air from the ground or from a marine carrier, including a boat. According to the designer's statements, at the moment the system demonstrates the result of 100% destruction of targets.

Earlier in open sources it was reported about the combat use of the Lancet complex against militants in Syria. It has a target range of up to 40 km. The maximum take-off weight of such a drone does not exceed 12 kg.

The Lancet is equipped with a television guidance channel. In this case, the device does not lose video contact with the operator until direct contact with the target

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