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Russia is developing the 15P182 Osina-RV missile system

Russian designers are busy developing the Osina-RV missile system.

The Yars-M missile systems currently in service with Russia will be deeply modernized and replaced in the near future with the unique Osina-RV missile systems under the name 15P182. The development of these missile systems has been going on since 2019, and, probably, development work is approaching its final stage, which indicates the readiness of this rocket for testing.

According to the data available to the news agency, the 15P182 missile system is being created as an upgrade of the existing versions of the Yars-M combat missile system with the 15P180 and 15P181 indices.

It is known that the tests of the Russian Osina-RV missile system will take place already this year - the launch is supposed to be performed from the Plesetsk cosmodrome, while the ICBM will hit the target at the Kura training ground located in Kamchatka. According to the "Voenno-boltovoy" Telegram-community, the launch is supposed to be carried out in August of this year, although there were suggestions that the launch had already taken place a few days ago - the tests could be mistaken for tests of the Sarmat heavy intercontinental ballistic missile. which is also undergoing a series of state tests and is preparing to be adopted by the country.

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