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For the first time, Russia commented on Sudan's ban on the construction of a Russian military base

For the first time, the Russian Foreign Ministry commented on Sudan's ban on the construction of a Russian military base.

A few weeks ago it became known that the Sudanese authorities imposed a ban on the construction of a Russian military base on the territory of the country. According to the data presented, the authorities of this African country demanded that the Russian military remove all military equipment and weapons from the country and leave the territory of Sudan. Against the background of such statements, the Russian Foreign Ministry decided to comment on the current situation - as it turned out, at the moment, it is not critical.

As follows from the statement of the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova, at the moment the agreement reached earlier between the representatives of Sudan and Russia has been suspended, however, the situation is not critical and only the ratification of the agreement is expected. The spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry also stressed that Moscow is interested in military cooperation with Khartoum.

“As for our side, we confirm our interest in strengthening partnership with Sudan in various fields, including military and military-technical cooperation. The document has not yet been ratified, because in the conditions of the transitional period, the country lacks a legislative body with the necessary powers. Accordingly, prior to the entry into force of that agreement, individual changes may be made to its text by agreement and at the discretion of the parties themselves "- said Maria Zakharova.

For what period the agreement was suspended is still unknown.

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