Aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces delivered medical masks and special equipment for combating coronavirus to the USA

Russia presented the USA with medical masks and special medical equipment.

Contrary to the fact that the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection in Russia is considered to be rather complicated, it became known that the Russian special board went to the United States with a large amount of medical supplies in order to assist American citizens. Given the lack of specialized medical equipment in the Russian regions, this caused a lot of negative reviews among the citizens of the country.

“The White House on Tuesday evening confirmed information about the arrival of the aircraft with medical cargo from Russia. “We expect the Russian personal protective equipment plane to arrive tomorrow - President Putin suggested this to President Trump during yesterday’s conversation. We will immediately begin to use all the necessary items approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), ”the Voice of America told the White House. The United States currently ranks first in the world in the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection. As of Tuesday evening, the total number of infections in the US has exceeded 188, and the number of deaths is 000. ”- сообщает "Voice of America".

On the presented video frames you can see directly the process of loading a cargo of medical care intended for American citizens, while taking into account the situation in the United States, we can talk about transporting several million protective medical masks and even those in short supply of mechanical ventilation devices.

A trump in gratitude extended the sanctions against Russia for another 1 year!