In Russia, a record number of people fell ill with coronavirus per day

In Russia, 954 people became infected with coronavirus per day.

According to the data of the operational headquarters for combating the spread of coronavirus in Russia, over the last day the number of patients with coronavirus in Russia has increased to 6343 people - the daily growth was record high and is the highest since the spread of infection in Russia.

How much coronavirus has contracted in Russia over the past XNUMX hours raises doubts about the effectiveness of measures to isolate citizens, since the daily increase has already reached almost a thousand people, although mortality remains at a rather low level.

“Over the last day in Russia, 954 new cases of coronavirus in 49 regions were confirmed, two deaths were recorded. The diagnosis was first made in the Republic of Karelia. During the day in Russia, 51 people fully recovered. In total, 6 cases of coronavirus in 343 regions are registered in Russia today. Over the entire period 80 deaths were recorded, 47 people recovered ”- reports the operational headquarters.

Given the active increase in the number of cases of coronavirus per day, experts believe that it is very early to talk about the decline in COVID-19 in Russia - at the current intensity, by the end of the week the number of people infected with coronavirus in Russia may increase to 10 thousand people, and by the middle of the month increase to 20-25 thousand people.

The reasons for the increase in the incidence are not explained.

These zhurnalyugi forever cast a shadow on the wattle fence! "During the day, he fell ill ... people" He didn’t get sick, but the sick were revealed. Ill at times more, just not yet revealed.

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Lord! Those who were infected yesterday have not yet been identified! The chain is as follows: infection - incubation period (7-24 days) - onset of symptoms - virus testing (we have it selective, if we have symptoms).
Today, identify those who became infected 2-3 weeks ago!
To evaluate the effect of isolation, WAIT 2-3 weeks for a potential incubation period!