In Russia, recorded a record increase in patients with coronavirus per week

In Russia, a record increase in the incidence of coronavirus has been recorded.

Contrary to allegations of a decline in the incidence of coronavirus in the Russian Federation, according to the Moscow operations headquarters, on the morning of May 31, a new record number of recent cases of COVID-19 infection was recorded in the country.

According to the operational headquarters of Moscow, 138 cases of deaths were recorded in Russia, and the number of recovered citizens per day fell by half - to 4414 people.

“Over the past day in Russia 9 new cases of coronavirus were detected in 268 regions. Of these, 84% did not have clinical manifestations of the disease. 40,8 deaths were recorded. In a day in Russia 138 people fully recovered. In total, 4 414 cases of coronavirus have been detected in Russia in 405 regions to date. Over the entire period, 843 85 deaths were recorded, 4 693 people recovered ”, - said the operational headquarters of Moscow.

Thus, since May 27, 2020, an increase in the incidence of coronavirus has been observed in Russia, and therefore, stabilization of the situation can hardly be discussed, especially against the background of a significant increase in mortality and a rapid decline in the number of citizens recovering from coronavirus.