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In Russia, state tests are completed on the EW Divnomorye complex, which is burning out the enemy’s electronics

The state tests of the newest EW Divnomorye complex are being completed.

At the disposal of the Avia.pro resource there appeared information that the state tests of the newest electronic warfare complex “Divnomorye” are approaching completion in Russia. The newest complex will have to replace with itself the three EW complexes: “Moscow-1”, “Krasuha-2” and “Krasuha-4” - the arrival of the new EW system in the troops is expected already in 2019 year.

A key feature of the newest complex of electronic warfare and electronic suppression is the increased range of continuous exposure to various kinds of electronic systems. According to some reports, the “range” of the “Divnomorye” complex will be on the order of 350 kilometers, while the system will be able to independently analyze the signals, setting the direction, power and type, and to counteract, including disabling electronic systems and components.

It is noteworthy that one of the tasks of the newest complex of electronic jamming of the “Divnomorye” is the defeat of the enemy’s cruise missiles and satellite systems, while in the “harmless” mode, the “Divnomorye” will hide the location of air defense assets.

Hulters, this is the American HEMTT M977.



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