Tests of the newest 2S25 tank destroyer completed in Russia

State tests of the newest Russian tank destroyer 2S25 have been successfully completed.

Representatives of the state corporation "Rostec" report that successful state tests of the latest Russian self-propelled gun 2S25 have been carried out. The latter is equipped with a 125-mm gun and is able to effectively deal with heavy armored vehicles and tanks, for which it was called tank destroyers.

The Russian airborne self-propelled anti-tank gun 2S25 "Sprut-SD" has unique capabilities, as it is able to quickly detect enemy tanks and successfully fight them, despite the fact that it is significantly inferior to the latter in terms of its protection.

According to Vladimir Artyakov, Deputy Head of the Rostec State Corporation, in terms of firepower, the 2S25 Sprut-SD anti-tank installation is not inferior to the T-80, T-90 tanks, while it has much greater mobility. It is for this reason that earlier attention from Russian partners was noticed towards Russian tank destroyers.

When exactly the serial deliveries of 2S25 self-propelled anti-tank installations to the troops will begin has not yet been specified, however, experts believe that this is quite possible before the end of the year.