Penicillin Complex


The unique complex "Penicillin" entered the Russian troops for the first time

For the first time, the Russian army received a batch of unique Penicillin complexes.

The first unique domestic complexes "Penicillin" appeared in the armament of the Russian military, which were transferred to the troops at the end of 2020, within the framework of previously concluded contracts with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The Penicillin complex is intended for reconnaissance of the firing positions of cannon and rocket artillery, as well as anti-aircraft and tactical missiles, and their subsequent destruction with regular means.

The key feature of the Russian Penicillin systems is their reliability and the ability to work "at any time of the day at temperatures from minus 40 to plus 50 degrees Celsius," and, in the near future, these Russian weapons will begin to enter other military units.

It is noteworthy that the "Penicillin" complex is capable of giving out the exact coordinates of the location of the enemy's artillery and missile systems, which makes it possible to hit the latter almost instantly, without additional reconnaissance, which in turn makes it possible to instantly suppress the enemy - the time for obtaining coordinates is only 5 seconds ...


The old Zoo complex was radar and could be detected and suppressed. And this one is passive optical-sound.

I join! And as quickly as possible!

It is necessary to put these complexes in the army of the DPR and LPR.

and when the purgen is launched

That's right. He's got headaches and fever. Zasyok, covered. And the heat strangled, and my head stopped hurting about the enemy.

So this is it.What Russian cure for coronavirus

there has long been a PSNR ... everything too ... just compact.

I look at the people in the comments in general not far-off ?! What confirmation ?! yes PSNR has been working for at least 20 years ... all the same, but the radius of action may be less.

ANTIBIOTIC is also cool.

Some time ago it was necessary to develop some simulators for cosmonauts. We drew up a technical specification, it was necessary to give an open name for the equipment being created.
In the department of the Ministry of Defense, where the names were given, the major, having rummaged in a special box, took out a card and read: "Deshlikhtovka". To the question: "What is it?" Was followed by the answer: "The devil only knows, but it sounds beautiful!"

Penicillin ... what is not a remedy for constipation?

Where to where, to Donbass.

I even know where it needs to be sent to check in the case ... it's not far.

Do you want to lay out the performance characteristics together with the plans for combat use? How do you imagine the delivery of a new type of weapons without fulfilling the requirements of the TOR for overcoming air defense / missile defense systems?

Instead of writing, the enemy can detect and destroy this penicillin, and for how much. another laundering of budget money

Cool. Only if they would not come up with a counteraction to this penicillin

Penicillin: a born killer of bacteria and various rubbish.
Correctly came up with the name, although some are indignant here.

"Penicillin" has replaced the "Zoo" complex. The names are getting weirder and weirder))

yes, do not worry, you probably have everything already tested

It will cure any ailment ..

A good "antibiotic"!

Cyclomed is a good name

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The Chinese army has between 2 and 2,3 million people ...

Maybe Weak is better?

Super! After Pinocchio the best name.

Okay, waiting for tetracycline and demidrol.

It's high time, don't be afraid it doesn't hurt.

I’ll go and drink for joy, now the Chinese are not afraid of us, because they are going to come to us with a two hundred millionth army, dragging guns behind them.

A drop of penicillin in Donbas .....

Let them first confirm the stated. At least in Syria / Libya or Banderostan.

Wonderful! This is from the famous slogan: faster, higher and stronger!

The good news is that in the near future this Russian weapon will begin to arrive only in other "wax" parts.

Well, I'm delighted if so!