In Rostov-on-Don crashed airliner

In Rostov-on-Don crashed airliner Boeing 737-800.

The passenger plane crashed at night, however, the circumstances of the crash involving the airliner owned by Flydubai remain officially unknown at the moment. There were 737 people on board the Boeing 800-62 passenger liner, while no one survived the tragedy.

According to preliminary information, the passenger aircraft was initially delayed with departure, and after that, already with a direct approach to Rostov-on-Don, according to the data available from the resource, the airliner circled at the airport for a long period of time, after which, as can be seen from the video footage, the plane fell to the ground at a high angle and at high speed.

At the crash site work online services, and the analysis is currently underway debris, searches of bodies and flight recorders, which may give a chance to know the true causes of the crash.


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