Motorola's wife's relief fund was robbed in Rostov


Motorola's wife's relief fund was robbed in Rostov

In Rostov, a man was detained on suspicion of stealing humanitarian aid provided by Motorola's wife's foundation after he had been freely removing valuables for several days.

In the Suvorovsky microdistrict of Rostov-on-Don, there was a theft of humanitarian aid created by the Dobro to Home foundation with the participation of volunteers and local residents. Roman Shutov, a member of the public movement of combat veterans "Oplot", announced this in an interview with our channel.

“The founders of the fund are my friends Vladimir Mishin and Elena Pavlova, Motorola’s wife (Arsen Pavlov - editor’s note),” Roman clarifies. — Humanitarian aid was collected in Suvorovsky, some was stored in the volunteer’s apartment. Some remained on the landing - people brought food, household goods, and medicines directly here.”

The founder of the fund, Vladimir Mishin, clarified that the theft of humanitarian aid was not noticed immediately. Volunteer Yulia, who collected these goods in her apartment, set off in the Maryinsky direction. Upon her return, it became clear to her that some things were missing.

“We looked at the cameras and saw that there was a fact of humanitarian aid being carried out. Lena (one of the founders of the fund - editor's note) was not there at that moment, she did not immediately find out about what was happening. Yulia wrote a statement, we are waiting for the results of the investigation.”

Roman Shutov reported that volunteers suspect the advertiser of theft. According to him, surveillance camera footage shows that he repeatedly entered the entrance and took away goods.

“Stole a lot. Without hesitation, I carried out humanitarian aid for several days. It’s even difficult to say how much damage he caused. In the NWO zone, one tablet is worth its weight in gold!”

Humanitarian aid was intended for military personnel and residents of Avdeevka. Despite what happened, the volunteers did not cancel the trip.

Roman said that the suspect in the theft had probably already been detained. The Don Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs promises to comment on this incident later.


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