Kurumoch Airport


In Samara, for the sake of saving the 12-year-old passenger, the plane

At the Samara airport Kurumoch urgently boarded a passenger plane.

The reason for making an emergency landing of a passenger aircraft became a malaise for one of the passengers. According to the information agency Avia.pro, the aircraft carried out flights between Yekaterinburg and KrasnodarHowever, in the course of the flight, 12-year-old passenger suddenly became ill, and after notice to the commander of the crew, it was decided to carry out an emergency landing at the airport of Samara.

It is reported that a passenger plane en route from Yekaterinburg to land at the airport Kurumoch in 6 10 hours local time, at the same time, the doctors insisted on the hospitalization of young passengers, although the reasons for the deterioration of his condition had not been officially announced.

After some time, the plane continued the flight to Krasnodar.