An explosion occurred on a railway section in the Samara region

An explosion occurred on the railway section between the Zvezda and Chapaevsk stations in the Samara region in the morning. The incident caused significant disruption to train schedules, including passenger and commuter trains. According to preliminary data, the cause of the explosion was the undermining of the supports of the bridge over the Chapaevka River. Representatives of the Kuibyshev Railway classified the incident as the result of “illegal interference by unauthorized persons in the operation of railway transport.”

No one was injured as a result of the incident, but traffic in this area was temporarily suspended to ensure safety. This resulted in delays for at least five passenger and commuter trains, and some commuter trains were removed from the schedule. It is noted that in connection with the incident, law enforcement officers and intelligence agencies, including representatives of the FSB, are working at the scene. A message about the explosion was received on the single emergency number 112 at 6:13 am.

The incident presented a challenge to local authorities and first responders, highlighting the importance of securing critical infrastructure. So far there are no reports of arrests or suspects in organizing the explosion. The investigation is ongoing and additional information is expected from law enforcement as the situation develops.


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