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Suspicious objects were again found on the railway in the Samara region

A serious emergency occurred on the railway in the Samara region, as a result of which train traffic was suspended. The incident occurred on the Zhigulevskoye Sea - Khimzavodskaya section, where a foreign object was discovered, the Kuibyshev Railway reports.

“The movement of trains on the section of the Kuibyshev Railway in the Samara region was stopped due to a suspicious object on the tracks”, - reports "Base".

The previous morning, an explosion occurred in the same region, damaging the metal structures of the railway bridge, as reported by the SHOT Telegram channel. According to information from the press service of Russian Railways, as a result of the incident, five trains were delayed, but, fortunately, no one was injured. Previously, the explosion was aimed at undermining one of the bridge supports on the Zvezda - Chapaevsk section. Emergency services immediately rushed to the scene after reports of the explosion, which occurred around 06:15 local time.

Details regarding the new incident are currently being finalized.


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