In the Samara region, the Yak-52 crashed

When the light aircraft Yak-52 crashed, two people died.

small-engine aircraft Yak-52 fell in a private courtyard on the territory of the Neftegorsk District of the Samara Region, while, as it became known to the information resource from official reports, as a result of the crash, two people on board died on the spot from their injuries and injuries, however, destruction and casualties on the ground managed to avoid.

According to official reports of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, during the crash of a small-engine aircraft, its subsequent fire occurred, which was put out by operative teams of rescuers.

At the moment, attempts are made to identify the personalities of the killed pilot and passenger, and experts are trying to find possible reasons for the disaster - it is assumed that the video recording made by the eyewitnesses of the crash will allow to establish all the circumstances of this.