The aircraft airline forgot the sleeping passenger ExpressJet.


The aircraft airline forgot the sleeping passenger ExpressJet.

December 9 2013. After landing the airline "ExpressJet" Texas airport flight attendants have not noticed the sleeping passenger. The man woke up after the ship drove into the parking lot.

All attempts to Thomas Wagoner to get out of the aircraft were in vain, all the exits were closed. After that, he decided to call her friend and told her what had happened. He said he had long tried to convince her, as she thought it was a joke. After that she had to contact the ExpressJet, and only if the airline representative went to the aircraft. After some time, the man was released from the aircraft cabin.

The passenger was extremely indignant at the irresponsibility of the airline. Representatives of the airline can not understand for what reason the passenger who was asleep was not noticed.  

We want to trust companies. who take responsibility for any passenger. And if he suddenly had a heart attack? Is it not the duty of the flight attendants, checking the safety of passengers, their presence in the cabin. You could treat this situation with humor .... But ... it would be funny if it were not so sad ....



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