In the plane found a check from a grenade


In the plane found a check from a grenade

According to the information received from UIA, during the flight from Tel Aviv to Kiev, a ring was found on one of the passenger seats, which looked like a check from a grenade. The crew of the aircraft decided to re-inspect passengers.

In this regard, all passengers of this flight had to undergo a second pre-flight search. True, in this case we are talking about both personal search and inspection of baggage.

According to the official version, during the preparation of the flight for departure, this item was missing. He appeared while boarding passengers. In this regard, it was necessary to delay the time of departure from the starting point for three hours.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that all the airlines of the World, recently, pay special attention to safety. This is due to the increasing incidence of terrorist acts.

Thus, due to the fact that on board the aircraft, before departure, a suspicious ring was discovered, the airport authorities and the crew of the aircraft decided to conduct an additional inspection of the baggage of all passengers and crew.