BAE 125


The plane with the football player, "Zenith", broke the chassis

At the airport in Madrid, the private Russian aircraft broke down the chassis.

According to the news agency, the incident occurred the day before, and as it turned out, the aircraft BAE 125-1000 belongs to the Russian airline “Sirius-Aero". On board the private plane was a football player, "Zenith" - Ezequiel Marcelo Garay, as well as four other woman, however, being the wife of the star of Russian football.

According to information received a few hours after the incident, it became known that none of the passengers of the private airliner was injured, but due to a broken aircraft, Garay was forced to fly to St. Petersburg on an ordinary passenger plane.

By the current moment of comments on the latest developments from the leadership of the Russian air carrier has not received.