Airstrikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces against ISIS fighters in the Syrian desert hit the Network

There were footage of Russian Aerospace Forces strikes on ISIS terrorists in the Syrian desert.

At the disposal of the editorial staff of the news agency were new unique footage of the work of the military aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces against the terrorists "ISIL" ("Islamic State", a terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation - ed.) In the Syrian desert. Judging by the video presented, through the efforts of the Russian military, at least a hundred more terrorists have been eliminated in Syria.

In the video footage presented, you can see how Russian drones are monitoring the targets of Islamic State terrorists, and a moment later, shelters, weapons depots and headquarters are turning into ruins - powerful strikes by Russian military aircraft leave the militants no chance.

A few hours ago, the information resource has already published a video of the work of Russian attack helicopters in the Syrian desert, which indicates that Russia and Syria have decided to come to grips with the destruction of terrorists, of which, according to the most conservative estimates, at least a thousand remain in this region of the Arab republic. ...