C-400 SAM


The network got photos from the place of deployment of Russian C-400 in Syria

A photo was published from the deployment site of the Russian C-400 in Masyaf.

The location of the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems near the Syrian city of Masyaf raises a lot of questions, since the area remains closed. Nevertheless, a photograph appeared on the Web that partially reveals information about who exactly controls the airspace in the skies over Syria in this area.

According to a photograph posted by a Twitter user, this is the 590 m anti-aircraft missile regiment, which was located in Syria until the end of December 2018. The photo was taken directly at the location of the Russian C-400 in the Massyaf area.



It is not known who now controls the Russian C-400 in the Masyaf area, but a little earlier there was unconfirmed evidence that for unknown reasons, Russia had deactivated its air defense systems in Syria, which was allegedly installed by electronic intelligence systems of the United States and its allies.

It should be clarified that during the year the Russian S-400 air defense systems were in Syria, these air defense and missile defense systems did not receive combat use.