The Network is discussing a soldier who almost blew up his unit with a hand-held cumulative grenade

A serviceman almost blew up his unit with a cumulative grenade.

Video footage has appeared on the Web showing how a serviceman, for no apparent reason, is trying to throw a RKG-3 grenade. Despite the correct procedure, the man did not calculate the trajectory of the throw and the grenade, hitting the branches of trees, fell a few meters from him and his colleagues.

In the video, filmed by one of the man's colleagues, you can see the moment of the unsuccessful throw. By a lucky chance, the grenade thrower himself managed to hide behind the parapet and survived only for this reason, which, by the way, also applies to his colleagues. Judging by the power of the explosion, if a grenade had fallen in front of the parapet, the entire unit would almost certainly have died due to a mistake.

These video frames are actively condemned on the Web, putting forward the version that the man throwing the grenade was drunk. This may well be true, since the actions of the latter are clearly not entirely sane. Moreover, users are wondering why it was necessary to throw a grenade for no apparent reason.

How such an emergency ended remains unknown, however, colleagues clearly went to the serviceman for a “preventive conversation”.


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