The Web condemned the "complete mess" in the US Army after the publication of photographs from the Capitol

The US Army was ridiculed and the Pentagon was shamed for posting photographs of the US military "guarding" the Capitol.

Despite the very serious tensions in the United States due to the riots caused by Donald Trump's calls for protests, because of his personal disagreement with the election results, the American military personnel who arrived to guard the Capitol were once again able to win condemnation on the Web. The reason for this was several photographs that show the mess created by the military both in the Capitol itself, and the mess that obviously reigns in the US army as a whole.

In the photographs presented, you can see that the American servicemen, called upon to defend the Capitol from possible attacks from Trump supporters and radicals, are not only not on high alert, but literally staged riots in one of the US symbolic buildings, scattering their belongings. uniforms, and even weapons, right on the floor and calmly while resting.

Web users really did not like this behavior of the American military, which resulted in completely unflattering reviews both about the servicemen themselves and about the command of the US army.

"Damn it, I'm not paying taxes to have the military roll on the floor in the Capitol."

"If this happened in Russia or China, the sleeping soldiers would either be sent to prison or shot."

"We are allocating hundreds of billions of dollars for defense, while our defense is lying on the floor, scattered around us weapons and things."

The US authorities and representatives of the Pentagon have not yet evaluated the actions of their subordinates.