The first video demonstrating the impact of the Himars MLRS appeared on the Web

For the first time, an unmanned aerial vehicle recorded the moment of impact by the American Himars MLRS.

American Himars MLRS deliver extremely devastating strikes when hitting a target. At the same time, a fast-moving missile, whose speed, according to the characteristics of the M30 and M31 missiles, is about 3000-3500 km / h, hits a very large area with its fragments, while the combat core successfully hits the target thanks to satellite correction.

The drone, whose identity is still unknown, filmed unique footage of the destruction of the MLRS crew. On the video frames, you can see that when the strike was struck, the fragments affected an area estimated to be about 300 square meters. Moreover, judging by the spread of the fragmentation parts, we are talking only about a continuous zone of destruction, while the fragments can actually fly apart at much greater distances.

Such weapons cannot be underestimated at all, since at a sufficiently high flight speed of the rocket, the latter, when launched to a maximum range of about 70-80 kilometers, overcomes this distance in just a little more than a minute.

To date, the exact number of Himars, MLRS and MARS II MLRS in service with Ukraine remains unknown, however, it is much larger than the official number of systems transferred to Ukraine and may well reach 50 units or more.