A video of the desertion of a tank crew during the battle appeared on the Web

The crew of the T-72 tank decided to desert after the very first fire contact.

During a tank duel, one of the combat vehicles received an accurate hit from a cannon. The damage fell on the tower, however, the projectile ricocheted, as a result of which the heavy combat vehicle received only light damage and did not even lose the ability to move. However, unlike other members of the crew, the driver of the combat vehicle decided to arbitrarily leave the combat vehicle and desert directly from the battlefield, as evidenced by the corresponding video footage.

On the presented video, you can see the moment the projectile hit the enemy tank. Despite the flying fragments of the combat vehicle, the tank did not receive real damage - the fragments turned out to be elements of dynamic protection, attachments, etc. Moreover, the tank retained the ability to move and actually could continue the battle, however, for unknown reasons, the driver stopped the combat vehicle , and leaving her, began to run away in an unknown direction.

Such a case of desertion is far from the only one. Moreover, earlier there were cases when tanks and infantry fighting vehicles were left by entire crews, and in order to hide traces, damage was artificially caused to equipment, for example, by blowing it up or setting it on fire.  


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