A video with a fighter jet burning over Ukraine appeared on the Web

The Sukhoi fighter suffered engine damage while trying to evade a missile.

Being at a relatively low altitude, the Sukhoi fighter received critical damage to the right engine after being hit by fragments of an anti-aircraft guided missile. Judging by the fact that the pilot managed to maintain the flight of the combat aircraft, the fighter was at least able to bring it to its territory, however, subsequently two opposite statements appeared - according to some sources, the aircraft was still successfully landed, thanks to the fire extinguishing system and the skill of the pilot, however , according to another version, the fighter nevertheless crashed, but the pilot managed to leave the plane.

In the video footage obtained by journalists, one can see how a huge column of flame erupts from the right engine of the fighter. Judging by the way the combat aircraft maneuvers, the control of the fighter also turned out to be very difficult. This raised some doubts that the combat vehicle was still successfully landed.

According to preliminary data, the fighter entered the zone of destruction of air defense systems and an anti-aircraft guided missile was fired at it. The pilot's attempt to perform an evasive maneuver was unsuccessful - several dozen submunitions damaged the engine and tail section of the aircraft.

According to preliminary data, the incident was recorded on the border of the Kharkiv and Luhansk regions, however, the exact area is not called.


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