A video appeared on the web with a column of Ukrainian troops retreating in panic under the blows of the Russian Armed Forces

The retreat of the Ukrainian military under the blows of Russian artillery was caught on video.

Video footage taken by the Ukrainian military shows a failed offensive attempt by Ukrainian troops. The video footage captures the moment of strikes against Ukrainian forces, retreating in panic in one of the directions in the Kherson region after an unsuccessful attack.

It is known that the Ukrainian troops tried to carry out an attack in the Kherson direction, but they faced serious opposition, as a result of which they began to retreat. In video footage captured on camera by the Ukrainian military, damaged Ukrainian military equipment can be seen trying to escape from heavy artillery fire. Apparently, as a result of an unsuccessful offensive, the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered very serious losses, since in the video you can see that only a few vehicles survived. At the same time, apparently fresh damage points to the fact that the Ukrainian forces faced strong opposition and were never able to achieve their goal.

According to some reports, the video footage was filmed during an attempt by Ukrainian troops to approach the village of Dudchany in the Kherson region, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine failed to take control of from the first attempts, however, it has not yet been possible to reliably determine this.


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