The Network reported on an attempt to capture the Russian T-14 Armata tank in the Middle East

They tried to capture the Russian T-14 Armata tank in the Middle East.

The export version of the Russian heavy tank T-14 "Armata" could be attempted to be captured while transporting it to the UAE. Information about this, with reference to unnamed sources, is quoted by the Telegram-community Voenniy Obozrevatel, noting that it was for this reason that it was decided to postpone the transportation of the original version of the Russian tank to the exhibition, replacing the combat vehicle with a model with a reduced scale.

Earlier, information that the Russian tank would not arrive at the IDEX-2021 exhibition was voiced by foreign media, although Russian representatives claimed that the tank would still be shown at the international show.

«Российский боевой танк Т-14 "Армата" представлен на IDEX2021 только в виде макета машины в пустынном камуфляже. Реальный образец, по официальной версии, не привезли из-за логистических проблем, связанных с пандемией. По неофициальным - из-за опасения наложения ареста на российскую технику на фоне действующих санкций»- said in the message.

Experts do not exclude that US sanctions could serve as a reason for the capture and arrest of a Russian tank, however, in this case, Russia would almost certainly respond to such a provocation, regarding it as a direct threat. Nevertheless, the very information on this matter looks like an obvious fake, in order to attract attention.

It is not yet known how promising the demonstration of the layout of the Russian heavy tank in the UAE will be, however, one of the largest customers of the Russian "Armata" may become India, which previously considered the purchase of 500 heavy Russian tanks.

если нормально проплатят - наши ПАТРИОТЫ отправят его куда прикажут

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На кирки видно хотели разобрать этот металлолом..

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В смысле - поржали, т.к. его там нет и никогда не будет. Есть только эскиз надувного варианта

Dear Hunt, there is no limit ... when there is interest for the US. The history of recent years proves this.

Oh ... we thought, it comes out about the threat in advance (calculated) and it pleases - it's time to think "Before" and not "After". In general, I am against the demonstration of promising military equipment abroad, although to watch, then let them go to the Patriot Park for specially organized events!

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It is necessary to show less to everyone else that they themselves have a rolling ball.

The Americans will not agree to this, it will be over-arrogance.

Russian battle tank ... What else to comment on?