Aircraft Beechcaft A36


In North Carolina, a light plane crashed

In the United States in the crash of light aircraft Beechcraft A36 3 person died.

The accident occurred in the state of North Carolina, while in currently underway to establish the causes of the collapse of small-engine aircraft. Information resource learned that the pilot of the aircraft Beechcraft A36 a few minutes before the crash told air traffic controller that found a technical fault with the engine, and announced the intention to land the plane on the ground, however, and later communicate with the pilot was lost and arrived in the proposed area the aircraft rescuers found that the crashed Beechcraft A36.

The official reasons for the incident at the moment were not disclosed, but according to the preliminary version of the culprit could be the lack of maintenance of the aircraft, which is currently set for sure.

It is worth noting that in the last day, it is the collapse of small-engine aircraft in the United States was the third.


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