Aircraft on the runway


Sheremetyevo planes nearly collided

At Sheremetyevo airport narrowly escaped a collision between two aircraft.

According to information provided by witnesses, has come in the land passenger airliner from Paris, with direct approach to the runway, suddenly began to climb sharply, because at the opposite end of the runway was another airliner is reportedly preparing to take off.

Nevertheless, the editorial staff of the information resource failed to establish whether the information provided is real, or does not correspond to reality - the representatives of the capital airport Sheremetyevo did not confirm the current data.

It should be noted that such cases are quite rare, and they are often caused by a human factor - pilot error, or erroneous data from air traffic controllers. In addition, today it became known about a somewhat similar incident that occurred at the Singapore airport - Japanese airline pilots, because of their negligence, was attempted takeoff from taxiway