In "Sheremetyevo" customs officials detained a Ukrainian jewelry


In "Sheremetyevo" customs officials detained a Ukrainian jewelry

24 January 2014. Sheremetyevo customs controlled the flight "Hong Kong-Moscow", where the 35-year-old Ukrainian was detained. Operative-search activities were able to identify a man who wanted to smuggle illegally across the border smuggling in the form of diamonds, the total amount of which is almost 30 million rubles. This information was transmitted by the press service of the FCS of Russia.

As the passenger made his way to the "green corridor" in the customs control zone, then, according to the law, he made it clear that he had no goods that must be declared in writing.

While personally inspecting the man, the customs officers found 17 bags attached to his underwear, in which a considerable amount of diamonds were found. Their total weight has reached 300 grams. In his defense, the passenger explained that he had purchased them for himself. After a special examination, the price of diamonds amounted to almost 30 million rubles.

By such actions of this citizen, signs of violation of the law were noticed, according to article 226, paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. It remains only to wait for how to resolve this issue and whether a criminal case will be initiated.



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