In Philadelphia, the business jet landed without the front landing gear of the chassis

At the airport of the American city of Philly, the plane landed accidentally without the front landing gear being released.

On board a private jet Hawker 4000 There were 5 people, however, as a result of the incident, none of them seriously suffered, at least, as it became known to, the people on board refused to go to hospital.

According to the pilot of the aircraft, in preparation for landing, he was confident that the landing gear was released, as indicated by the sensor, but a few moments after touching the runway, the plane buried its nose in the ground, driving, thus , About three dozen meters.

As a result of the emergency that occurred, the local airport was unable to receive and send flights for almost an hour and a half, after which the plane was towed to the parking lot and the specialists were investigating the incident.


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