The collapse of small-aircraft


In Switzerland, the plane fell on a car track

In Switzerland, because of the mistakes of the pilot of small-plane crashed on a car track.

The collapse of the light aircraft was in the north, and the obtained information resource information, the pilot tried to implement span at high speed on the highway, however, because of the mistakes committed when piloting an aircraft, the aircraft crashed on the road and collided with a car.

Specialists working at the site of the fall of the aircraft, reported that as a result of the incident three people were injured - the pilot of the plane and two people who were in the car. The injuries and injuries are estimated by medical workers as average, but the Swiss police have already expressed the opinion about the need for the pilot to be detained, at least for the duration of the investigation.

Because of the incident, the road was temporarily paralyzed, which made it difficult for doctors, police and firefighters to travel.