Airline Red Wings


The plane "Red Wings" burned in the Simferopol airport

Because of the fire of the airline "Red Wings", Had to delay the flight from Simferopol to Moscow.

The fire, according to the information resource, was discovered by passengers who were approaching the aircraft for subsequent landing. Almost immediately, fire calculations were sent to the passenger aircraft parking area, which quickly localized the spread of the flame and eliminated the fire of the airliner.

Despite the insignificant damage inflicted on a passenger aircraft, representatives of Red Wings Airlines refused to return the money for the air tickets, and according to the information given to the editorial staff of the portal, it became known that the representatives of the air carrier said that the passengers refused to fly because the departure of the aircraft was delayed, and not due to the fact that the aircraft was unsuitable for the flight.

The causes of ignition of a passenger aircraft remain unknown.