Simferopol cancellation of flights


In Simferopol airport canceled flights with the exception of Moscow

17 March. Simferopol International Airport canceled all flights except those that follow or are from Moscow. This "innovation" occurred today against the backdrop of events taking place in Ukraine, and can seriously damage the budgets of air carriers.

During the day, at the international airport of Simferopol, three flights to Moscow were made: the first one took place at 6 in the morning of local time, another one, with a sufficiently long delay, assigned to 12 hours 5 minutes, and the other two occurred around 15 hours local time .

It is worth noting that during such actions the regular flight from Kiev to Istanbul, and in the opposite direction, was canceled. Employees Simferopol airport argue that such measures are introduced temporarily, but the final terms are not specified, as well as the reasons.


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