Latest Russian attack drone tested in Syria

The drone that struck the militants in Idlib is very similar to the Russian UAV.

Several weeks ago, jihadists in the Syrian province of Idlib were hit several times with unmanned aerial vehicles. We are talking about drones, which, as it turned out, in almost all respects resemble the Russian Lancet attack drones, and, moreover, the fact that these drones are just being adopted is very remarkable.



Relatively little is known about the capabilities of the Lancet drones.

“The Russian kamikaze drone has been created in two versions. Lancet-1 is lighter and intended for reconnaissance missions. In turn, "Lancet-3" is capable of carrying a payload weighing 3 kg, staying in the air for 40 minutes and reaching speeds of up to 110 km / h. At the same time, it does not lose touch with the operator and is extremely accurate, and the electric motors make our kamikaze drone quiet and "environmentally friendly" "- сообщает Edition "Reporter".

In the video footage presented, you can see how an unmanned aerial vehicle, very similar to the Russian UAV Lancet, strikes at jihadists in Idlib. Initially, it was assumed that the attacks were carried out by the SAA and the IRGC, however, neither of these parties made any statements in this regard, which instills even more confidence that the attacks were carried out by the Russian military, although there is no official confirmation of this either.

Just looking at the airframe of this product, I strongly doubt its high aerodynamic quality ... I doubt that it can "patrol" for more than half an hour ... Or the battery will gobble up the entire payload ... PS Yes, well, what kind of biplane is he ??? It's more of a tandem ...

I wanted to enter the structure and it seems I missed ...

Well, either I'm blind, or someone else. The lancet is made in a scheme with two sets of X-shaped planes, almost the same in length. Personally, in the video I see the usual scheme of a biplane with long wings and a small tail, and certainly not X-shaped. This is especially evident at the very beginning of the video.

electric motors make our kamikaze drone quiet and "green"

ecology is the most important thing in war)))