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Russian "Night Superhuman" Tested in Syria

Russia has tested in "Night Superhuman" in Syria

The Internet publication Lenta, referring to the Izvestia publication, in its publication writes about the completion of successful trials in Syria of the new version of the Mi-28HM combat helicopter Night Superhuman.

It is known that the machine performed combat missions in the desert and mountainous terrain. Such tests have confirmed that the helicopter is ready for entry into service with the Russian army.

Former commander of 4-th army of the Air Force and Air Defense Valery Gorbenko explained that today's attack helicopters in combat operations perform an important task. They are able to support paratroopers, motorized infantry, tanks and reconnaissance aircraft.

The Night Superhuman differs from its predecessors in that its equipment includes the Ho25E radar station. An antenna providing all-round visibility is located under the screw. This radar allows you to provide all-round visibility, receiving a radar image of the terrain, without posing itself. Another feature of the Mi-28HM is an engine equipped with a system capable of regulating its operation in flight.

I do not understand. Well, we conducted a test of this helicopter, and then that there are no results yet, and why do we need to blow the whole world about our new military developments. That many of us suffer from the most nasty incontinence in secret. They have not yet risen, but already ate. What is this pud.

... recently, everything “new” in the armament is attached: “super”, “trembling”, “stupor”, “longest”, “most silent” ... and. d. etc. It is sad if anything is being done ... deep de-modernization, which is over forty years old.

That's right: the main fighting in Syria is over, so you can experience the "combat conditions" nightly sorry for the expression "Superhuman". And yet he has a “new”, the only way I have not read it anywhere: did the gearboxes finish him, because of which two Mi-28Н fell in the same Syria and killed two pilots?