Creation of the third Russian military base began in Syria

Russia will gain control over a third military base in Syria.

To the two bases at the disposal of the Russian military in Syria, one more will be added. As it became known, at the moment the Russian military is busy arranging a military airfield in the city of Kamyshly - in the near future fighter and bomber aircraft will appear here, air defense systems, electronic warfare systems and a certain number of Russian troops will be deployed.

Today, only Russian military helicopters and military transport and reconnaissance aircraft are based on the territory of the military airfield in Kamyshly.

Nevertheless, over the past six months, the capabilities of the airfield occupied by the Russian military have increased significantly - various radar facilities have been deployed here. This makes it possible to take control not only a significant sector of Syrian airspace, but also the airspace of neighboring Turkey and Iraq, as well as control the airspace over the American military base in the Al-Tanf zone.

In the presented photo, you can see the radar and aviation, which has already been deployed at the Kamyshly military airfield. Arrangement of the airbase continues, however, apparently, next year Russian fighters will appear at the airfield. This will significantly strengthen the presence of the Russian military in the Middle East.

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