Air Defense System


In Syria, discovered the "dead zone" of Russian air defense systems

It became known about the "dead zone" around the Khmeimim air base.

Military expert Vladislav Shurygin spoke about an invisible “dead zone” defined by a radius of hundreds of kilometers formed around the Russian military base “Khmeimim”, if any aircraft, missile or missile gets into it, they will be destroyed with almost 100% probability.

“The closest approaches to the base are protected by the positions of the latest short-range air defense systems TorM2 and Carapace M, which are located on specially laid out hills, reminiscent of medieval fortress-outposts located in all threatening directions. But the main element of sky protection is the S-400 Triumph complex, which allows destroying any modern air enemy at a distance of 400 km. In fact, Hmeimim is covered by an impenetrable 400-kilometer-long protective dome. Any air object that unauthorizedly enters the 60-kilometer zone in the area of ​​the air base and does not respond to requests will be immediately destroyed ”, - said in an article in the Izvestia publication.

Today, the Russian military air base "Khmeimim" is one of the largest military facilities in the region that has the best protection, which has been repeatedly demonstrated by repelling more than a hundred attacks by terrorists using MLRS and drones.

Earlier it became known that due to Israeli threats, the Russian military put the C-400 system on full alert, granting permission to the Syrian military to use their own S-300 air defense systems in case of any threat.

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