Wreckage of Israeli F-16 found in Syria

Fragments and debris of an Israeli F-16 have been found in Syria.

On the territory of the Syrian province of Homs, after the last attack carried out by the IDF, rather strange wreckage and fragments of Israeli warplanes were found. Initially it was assumed that we are talking about unexploded missiles, however, as it turned out, the discovered parts and fragments are components of an Israeli fighter.

In the photographs presented, you can see one of these wrecks, photographed from several angles. At the same time, if the initial sources pointed to the fact that it was an unexploded missile or other ammunition, then journalists managed to find out that we are talking about the outboard fuel tanks of the Israeli F-16 fighter.

It is known that the previous night there was no return fire on Israeli warplanes, but, at the same time, the Israel Defense Forces ordered the discharge of fuel tanks in the event of an attack by the Syrian S-300 air defense systems of Israeli warplanes.

“The presence of fuel tanks, even empty ones, significantly increases the radar signature of any aircraft. Apparently, the pilot of the Israeli plane could have received a warning from the onboard systems about targeting missiles at the plane. Therefore, he hastened to dump the outboard fuel tanks, knowing full well that with them the plane would not be as maneuverable, not to mention the fact that this would reveal the location of the fighter and could be shot down even in the airspace of Jordan and Israel. ", - emphasizes the specialist.

It should be noted that during the night attack, Israeli F-16s were covered by two passenger airliners.

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