Syria announced the preparation of a strike on Israel in response to the latest attack

The operational command of the forces of the allies of Syria has ordered to retaliate against Israel.

In response to the aggressive actions of the Israeli side, the Operational Command of the Allied Forces of Syria decided to prepare a retaliatory strike on Israeli territory, using, probably, missile systems in service with the pro-Iranian forces. The operational command instructed specialists to work out a list of probable targets for strikes on Israeli territory and report this as soon as possible for the implementation of the strike.

“Yesterday evening, Israeli and American aircraft carried out an aggression against the monitoring points of the allied forces in the Palmyra region. Youth gathering centers and service centers are targeted. As a result of this attack, ordinary citizens were killed and part of the forces were injured. If not for opposition, the number of martyrs would have been very great. Accordingly, we declare the following:

First, our mission and legitimate presence in Syria has always been to help the Syrian state and under its auspices confront terrorists, mainly ISIS (a terrorist group banned in Russia - ed.).

Second, over the years we have been attacked by the Israeli and American adversaries in an attempt to drag us into a confrontation that was not a priority for our presence in Syria. The Zionists' pretext was that they were targeting precision-guided weapons and military equipment that posed a threat to their usurpering entities.

Third, based on the foregoing, and after the American attack on Jordan and the occupied Syrian area of ​​Al-Tanf, the Operations Command decided to respond to this attack in retaliation for the deaths and injuries of citizens. "- said in the message of the operational headquarters of the allied forces of Syria.

It is noteworthy that the intentions to strike at the territory of Israel are very serious. This is indicated at least by the fact that the Israel Defense Forces urgently closed the airspace over the occupied Golan Heights, believing that a strike from the pro-Iranian forces could be delivered within the next 24 hours.

Alexander! Do not worry! Those who have not been able to find themselves in Israel are leaving. Many are returning. Even in America, life has become bad. Many people want to move to Israel. Here medicine is more affordable than in America. And if there is a war, then we will all go to war to give the land in Syria and Gaza to the people of Israel !!!

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Operational command of the allied forces ,, - What is this? Russians, Iranians, and Syrians? Well, well ... let's have a look at this ....

If this happens, then Assad will not be welcomed.