Attacks against Syria


Syria denies the statement of the Russian Defense Ministry on all intercepted Israeli missiles

Syria denied the Russian Defense Ministry's statement on the successful interception of Israeli missiles.

The previous evening, representatives of the Center for the Use of Warring Parties in Syria reported that during an Israeli air raid on the Arab Republic, all the missiles that were fired were successfully shot down on the approach. Nevertheless, Syrian sources denied the statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense, reporting not only the attacks and destruction, but also the dead and wounded.

According to the Syrian Arab Army News, the Syrian military observer, the information provided by the Russian defense department is either fundamentally wrong or only partially true. As follows from the data presented, the air defense missiles missed at least three strikes, which, by the way, is evidenced by the published satellite images. Moreover, in addition to the destruction, there are wounded and killed by the Syrian army, which raised a number of questions regarding the information provided by the Center for Reconciliation of the Warring Parties of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

As follows from the data provided by the Syrian military observer, it is likely that the information provided by the Russian defense department refers only to a certain area, since there is evidence of destruction.

Mo RF has not yet commented on the statements of the Syrians?

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